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all our sites are responsive based on the latest technology. viewable in all devices at any standard size. Simple, practical and beautiful. Read more ...
All sites are integrated with a content management system or framework.(Joomla-WP-Zend) You will be able to update your site with no technical knowledge. Help is 24/7. Read more ...

Free Web Hosting

We offer free host for 12 months with all related and necessary softwares & packages. Support is available 24/7 in all related technical issues. Read more ...

Terms and Conditions

1- In case of any problem with our privacy policy contact us immediately

2- Before any sort of order read the privacy policy please.

3- Once a user visits our site, we register a log about the pages visited.

4- Our communications are basically based on email, yet skype and mobile or regular phone shall be used if it is necessary.

5- Payments:

a) For website: there are 4 phases: 1-Psd design, you pay for it and in a day or two we shall send you the psd. once you accept it or after proper modifications according to your opinion and our logical consultation second phase shall be started. 2- You pay for the second phase and the preliminary design of your site shall be done, Once it is finished, we will inform you. After your confirmation and possibly some changes the third phase shall be started. 3- After payment, the complete structure shall be designed with related items. Once it is done and you accept it the 4th and the last phase shall be started. 4- In this phase our developers shall add necessary softwares to your site to facilitate your work with site both from the back and front. Also you could pay completely from the beginning and whenever you would like to stop the project, based on the phases below related percentage shall be deducted.

Refund policy:

Supposing in the middle of development you decide not to follow the project, based on the time  we spent there will be some deductions as below:

1- If you want us to stop your project in the first phase all money shall be returned with no deduction. No matter it is finished or not.

2- In the second phase: 25% deduction.

3- In the third phase: 29% deduction.

4- In the  last phase: 33% deduction.

Before return of your money we will have a live chat on line or via mobile or phone.

b) For Logos: there are 2 phases: 1- Preliminary design just on paper after complete payment, once it is finished we shall send you a copy of it via email or our site to be downloaded. If it is approved from your part or after proper modifications based on your opinion and our logical consultation the second phase shall be started. 2- In this phase we turn the paper design into a real design with our softwares which shall be modifiable once you do not confirm it. For logo you have to pay first.

Refund policy:

1- In the first phase (design on paper) there will be 10% deduction.

2- During the secondphase again 10% deduction.

3- After second phase, if you received the logo, your money will not be returned, if not, again 10% deduction.

c) SEO: There will be a deduction of 12% to 25% based on the time we spent to do the job. The payment shall be first.

d) The same logic for a website design from scratch goes for a redesign or completeness of a half-designed website.

e) Payments for web management (adding or removing articles, adding new features to a site , updating images or galleries & ...) is on a monthly basis from 100£ (121$-129€) to 200£ (212$-220€) which includes techincal maintenance too.

Senior Manager

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to discuss your probject with our experts. It had etter to read related articles: privacy policy , terms and conditions & etc to save your time. Free Extensions

Professional Logo Design based on:
Companie's name + Psychology of the market + Offered services. View our logo samples designed for companies and then contact us.
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Your website shall be built from scratch & grounded up. All are websites are unique and original. 

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